Goal      : To find things that dissolves in water

Materials  :

Essence , jellys crystals , sand , sugar , salt , water ,cups ,drink bottles.

Methods :

1 .Put some of each material in a cup .

2 . Add the materil to a cup of water .

3 . Watch carefully what happens

Choose the correct answer

1 What is the purpose of thetext ?

a . To inform how to collect materials.

b . To tell people how to add material in the cup .

c . To tell how to find things that dissolves in water.

d .To tell people how to dissolves things in water.

2 . These are the materials we need , except…

a . Essence , jellys crystal,, sand and syrup.

b .Jellys crystal , sand ,sugar , and water.

c . Essence , sand , water , salt and jellycrystal.

d . Water ,salt . sugar and essence.

3 . What should we do after put  the things in the cup ?

a . Mix all the things in it .

b . put the material in the bottle

c Add  the material to a cup of water.

d Watch what happenn for the next.