A descriptive text is a text which describes a particular person, place, or thing.

Here the structure of a descriptive text:


  1. Identification    :  identifies phenomenon to be described.
  2.  Description     : describes parts, qualities, characteristics of the person or         something that is described

The Language Features of Descriptive Text

  • —  Certain nouns, e.g. teacher, house,my rabbit, etc.
  • —  Simple present tense.
  • —  Detailed noun phrase for adding information about the subject, e.g. She is a sweet young lady.
  • —  Descriptive adjectives, e.g. two strong legs, two white fangs, etc.
  • —  Relating verbs for giving information about the subject, e.g. My mum is really cool, It has very thick fur, etc.
  • —  Thinking verbs and feeling verbs for expressing the writer’s personal opinion about the subject, e.g. Police believe the suspect is armed, I think it is a clever animal, etc.
  • action verbs, e.g.Our new puppy bites our shoes, etc.
  • —  Adverbials, for example, fast, at the tree house, etc.
  • —  Figurative language, such as simile, metafore, e.g.John is white as chalk, sat tight,  etc.



When we describe someone, we can tell about his/or her physical characteristics, personality, hobbies, family, etc.

What do you usually say about someone’s physical characteristics?

Let’s study the adjective which usually used to describe physical characteristics.