Read this text and then discuss with your friends the questions that follow.
One day Sandra Dewi fell sick in the middle of the English lesson. All the students
did reading tasks. Suddenly Sandra Dewi vomited. All other students stopped writing.
Mrs. Lidia helped her immediately. The chairman of the class sent for the school’s doctor.
In five minutes the doctor came. He examined her carefully. He examined her eyes.
He felt her stomach. He listened to her heart beat. He measured her blood pressure.Unit Tell me your experThen he took her temperature“I’m afraid she suffers from malaria. Her  temperature is very
high. That is why she vomited.
She has a very bad cough, too.
I’ll give her some pills for her
malaria, some tablets for her
fever, and syrup for her cough.
She needs a week’s rest”, said
the doctor.
Pic. 2.15(Dit. PSMP, 2006)
1. What is the text telling you about?
2.What did the students do? What happened?
3.What was the name of the teacher?
4. What did the doctor do?
5.What was Sandra Dewi suffering from?
6. What did the doctor recommend?
7. Identify the text structure by listing the happenings according to
these categories of: orientation, events, and re-orientation