Activity 1
Read Maya’s biography. Then, answer the questions that follow.
Maya Gazali
Maya Gazali was born in Palu. She grew up in a small village. She began school
when she was six years old. She went to elementary school, but she didn’t go to high
school. Her family was very poor, and she had to go to work when she was thirteen
years old. She worked on an assembly line in a shoe factory.
When Maya was seventeen years old, her family moved to West Java. First, they
lived in Bogor, and then they moved to Bandung. When Maya arrived in Java, she
wasn’t very happy. She missed her friends back in Palu and she didn’t speak like
other children. She began to learn to speak like other children, and she practiced with
her new friends at the factory in Bandung.
Maya also studied hard. She learned English, and after a few months she got a job
as a secretary. Now Maya still studies at night, but now she studies advertising at a
business school. She wants to work for an advertising company some day and write
Maya still misses her friends back home, but she communicates with them very
often over the Internet. She’s very happy now, and she’s looking forward to an
exciting future.
1.       What is the text mainly about?
2.       How was her childhood?
3.       How old was she when her family moved to Java?
4.       What does she do?
5.       What is she studying now? Why?
6.       What does she do to avoid missing her friends back home?
7.       How does the writer start the text?
8.       How does the text end?